Le Visage

Le Visage – the Face. Countenance. Her impenetrable eyes and inscrutable countenance give little away. The Face is complicated. The Face is a gateway to the universe. The Face should be handled with the utmost subtlety.

So, we do.

Our Nose Jewels define the Face, accentuate its nuances, while drawing delicate, soft attention to its contours. We create Nose Jewels that enhance the perfection that is your Face. Le Visage. Your Visage.



Devi – the Feminine Divine. Before dawn great preparations were being made for a grand festival in honor of the great Devi.

Sometimes, we forget our divinity. Sometimes jewelry is just jewelry. Most often it is not. Nose Jewels have adorned the faces of our Devis for millennia. Now they adorn yours.


Soi – Avoir confiance en soi. Confidence in oneself is owning oneself. Confidently knowing that all of humanity traverses the duality of the universe as one. In ourselves…we are one.

Although our Nose Jewels are inspired by the feminine divine, they reside in the universality of the Self. Soi. As such, they have confidently adorned the faces of warriors, men, women, Goddesses, and beyond.

Roy Nose Jewels…Soi toi meme.