Rajah: Color and King

Rajah - king, prince. The Rajah is my master and does what is good in his own eyes.

Once upon a time, there was a Rajah that ruled a small kingdom by the sea. He was kind, but short-tempered. He barked orders and expected them to be carried out immediately. He was surrounded by wise ministers who would faithfully execute on his orders.

One day, the Rajah was blessed with a baby boy. He named his boy Surya, after the sun God, or the sun itself. The boy was the pride and joy of the Rajah.

But, the boy would not stop crying.

The Rajah ordered his Rani, his court, and all his ministers to make the boy stop crying. It did not work. Nothing worked.

The Rajah was at his wit's end. He ordered that the boy be brought to him.

"He will do as I say, and stop crying, or he will be banished from the kingdom!"

The baby was brought to the throne and handed to the king crying.

The little boy paused, sniffled, and reached out his hand.

He grabbed the Rajah's mustache and yanked.

As the king bellowed, the little boy laughed and laughed, yanking the Rajah's mustache harder and harder.

He stopped crying.

Little Surya had brought sunlight to the kingdom. On the heels of a mustache.

That's Rajah.

The color of sunrise and sunset. Our accent color. Pantone 1485C. Hex FFB668.

Roy is Rajah.