Slow Luxury

That sinuous southern life, that oblique and slow and complicated old beauty, that warm thick air and blood warm sea, that place of mists and languor and fragrant richness…


There was once a time, not too long ago, when time stood still. When time took its time. When luxury was slow and precise. When slow was a compliment.

Roy Jewels seeks to reenact that time. Slow luxury.

But what exactly is slow luxury?

It’s a belief in the gentle gestures that are spawned from the wisdom of our hands. It’s a belief that our hands can shape and forge beauty with a mere caress. It’s a belief that authenticity and purpose are coalesced into quality.

It’s our belief that time is the only thing that matters. Time is immortal. Time is the only thing which has the ability to create beauty. True beauty. Therefore, time is immortal beauty.

The Heart Of The Matter

Roy Jewels is inspired by the raw beauty of nature and the meticulous gestures that transform it. We fundamentally believe that only the hands of man can give a piece of jewelry its soul. Nature provides the canvas, and man slowly metastasizes its beauty.

oy Jewels fastidiously collaborates with karigars, artisans, and craftsmen from the sourcing of our metals and stones to the creation of each and every piece. It is in their hands that we put our trust. They etch, polish, and tame every piece of material to slowly produce our luxury.

Each piece is developed with a respect for time, materials, and nature. Each piece is a statement in contemporary minimalism.

The Choice Of A New Luxury

Time is the sincerest form of flattery. We’re driven by a desire to consciously decelerate and do things at a speed in which they achieve the finest outcome. Our personal signature style uses this fuel of freedom to create product unconstrained by marketing and hollow trends.

Since we limit the number of pieces and collections we drop in any given year, we are respectful of the time required to fulfill the desires of the creative process. We are able to stay mindful to the craft, our materials, and its nuances, facets, and interpretations. Unconstrained by time, we’re free to make creative choices of conviction and with an independent soul.

Slow Luxury Is A Sustainable Luxury

Our entire process- an homage to slow luxury and the timelessness of nature, has the unexpected but wholly necessary benefit of sustainability. We establish relationships based on transparency and an edict to put nature first. This leads to a much shorter supply chain, working with local tradesmen, artisans, and manufacturers.

We take the time to pay particular attention to the selection of our precious metals and stones, only working with producers and suppliers that put the environment first. When you don’t have to rush the production process, you can ensure that materials are always selected with exceptional equality and ecological preservation in mind, with absolutely no threat to the environment. Slow luxury is the epitome of sustainability. It is the opposite of fast fashion.

Due to our slow luxury process, like time itself, every piece we create is intended to last forever.