About our Diamonds

Roy Jewels only uses the highest quality natural and lab diamonds. We certify that all Roy diamonds, whether natural or lab, are inspected for both purity and sustainability. 

All of our diamonds are sourced from a deep network of handpicked suppliers from around the world. Our diamonds are selected for their beauty, brilliance, radiance, superior quality, and are completely conflict-free and sustainable. Every diamond, whether it be lab or natural, is either a VS or VVS grade diamond. Nothing lower. Ever.

We grade our diamonds on a scale exponentially more stringent than any diamond certificate process in the market. Most diamonds do not make the cut. To be considered a Roy diamond, it must be in the top 0.05% of diamonds we source. Over 99.5% of the diamonds are turned away.

Roy Diamond Guarantees:

- Ethically sourced
- Sustainable
- Conflict Free
- VS or VVS diamonds only