It’s A Simple Story of Civilization

Have you ever wondered why, throughout the course of time—pretty much since humanity became "civilized"—people have been fascinated by metal and stone? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't, but I certainly have. It's a topic that captivates my imagination because, when you think about it, metal and stone are the essence of jewelry. They are the precursor to jewelry; it's what makes jewelry what it is.

However, what we know as modern-day jewelry isn't really that modern. It's been around for thousands of years. Consider the Iron Age or the Bronze Age—basically, when humanity began emerging from caves. One of the first things people did was work with metal and stone. Recognizing the importance this had for civilization helps explain why people are so attracted to jewelry. It's almost an homage to what makes us human. If you think it through, this homage is deeply rooted in our history because, were it not for metal, stone, and the discovery of fire, humans wouldn't have been able to conquer all corners of the earth, journey to the moon, or consider exploring Mars.

When you view jewelry from this philosophical perspective, it's easier to understand why people paid homage to it so early in our existence—it's literally an homage to our existence. Fast forward to when humans began creating jewelry, adorning themselves with it, saving it, using it as currency, and offering it as gifts and symbols of status; it's like a reflection of the history of humankind.

For me, the story of jewelry isn't something that randomly emerged because people wanted to be flashy or show off their wealth. I believe it came about because humans recognized that metal and stone—like fire and water—have an immeasurable impact on our nature. That, to me, is the precursor to the story of jewelry as we know it today.