Ashley And Tab's Love Story

As told to Roy Jewels.

When I first met Ashley back in high school, I knew I had stumbled onto something rare and special. It wasn't just her smile or the way her laugh lit up a room—it was her warmth, her conviction, and her gentle wisdom that drew me in. Fast forward through college and three or four years into our professional lives, and I knew she was the one I wanted to spend forever with. But finding the perfect engagement ring to match her essence wasn't something I took lightly. 

In our modern world, where relationships are as varied as the folks who share them, our love is grounded in the traditions we both cherish while acknowledging that love, at its core, should be as inclusive as it is everlasting. So, when it came to proposing to Ashley, I wanted to honor that tradition without compromise. I wanted a ring that represented us, our journey, and what the future held.

Enter Roy. I stumbled onto and found myself captivated by their approach to luxury and customization. Their pieces weren't just rings—they were stories captured in gold and diamonds. What drew me in initially was their 'Notes' blog, where they talked not just about the brilliance of gems but also about the intricacies of love itself. It was here that I realized Roy was more than just a jeweler—they understood love in its many forms.

When I reached out to Roy, the journey began with a simple but deep conversation about my vision for Ashley's ring. From the outset, they didn't push me toward trends or cookie-cutter designs; they listened to what I wanted to say with the ring. The designer I worked with—Jessica, I believe her name was—asked me about Ashley, about our story, and what our love meant to me. She guided me patiently, almost like a close friend would, through the daunting world of diamonds and settings. 

There were so many things I didn’t know going in: the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds, the Four Cs, the ethical considerations. But what stood out to me was how Jessica never pressured me in one direction or the other. Instead, she gave me the knowledge to make my own choice. After a lot of careful thought, I went with a natural diamond. Not because I doubted the value of a lab-grown gem, but because I wanted something that carried a timelessness and weight that could only be mirrored by our love story.

Choosing a natural diamond also felt like I was preserving something inherently unique and historical in the ring. But I still had to find that diamond—the one that could capture everything I felt for Ashley. With Jessica’s help, I picked out a brilliant stone that balanced quality with a budget I could handle.

Now, the design process. I’m not an artist, but Roy made it possible for me to add my personal touch to the ring. We went through sketches and digital renderings, playing with different elements until we had something that was undeniably ours. The final design featured a delicate but strong band with a cluster setting, accentuating the central diamond with smaller stones that reflected Ashley’s strength and sensitivity. 

On the day I proposed, I felt a rush of nervousness, excitement, and overwhelming love. The ring from Roy became more than a piece of jewelry—it was a testament to our journey and to the trust I placed in a company that understood our needs. Watching Ashley's face light up as she saw the ring made every step of the journey worth it.

Reflecting on it now, I'm grateful that Roy made this process personal, transformative, and simple. They didn’t just sell me a ring—they gave me a piece of art that embodied everything I love about Ashley and us. They showed me that chivalry and romanticism are alive and well, and that tradition can find a place in a complicated world.

Looking at that ring now on Ashley's finger, I see not just a symbol of our love but also the story of how it came to be. That story belongs to Roy too. Their expertise, their patience, and their unwavering belief in capturing the true essence of love make them the ideal partner for anyone on this journey. To anyone thinking about taking this step, trust Roy. They will help you find the perfect way to say "forever."