The Essence Of Special Orders

Our designs evoke a sense of heritage. Special Orders capture the essence of your spirituality while enhancing your physical being. Style is an extension of the self and should culminate with the wearer sharing their voice with the world. That voice is the quintessential piece. Using the art of design, we push a thought, a flicker, an abstraction into the creation of a jewelry piece. The result is crisp, structured, classicism. This is our secret. Uniquely Roy.

Special Orders are our highest line of quality and craftsmanship on offer. A handmade piece of art made from scratch by our team of highly skilled designers. Made specifically for you to perfection. This is a private service with intensive collaboration and consultation. The nature of every Special Order piece is not only driven by the skills and creativity of our design team, but also the lifestyle, personality, and aspirations of every client.

Our design team will bring your one-off vision to life. Each Special Order piece is made by hand deferring to the age-old disciplines and etiquettes of jewelry making. These ancient disciplines are fused with our modern, distinctive, technical expertise to create the perfect finished product.

Uniquely Roy


The silhouette of every Roy piece is refined- an infusion of the ancient art of jewelry making with a modern design aesthetic. The creation of jewelry for mainstream royalty.


Special Order pieces are rich in color, uniquely fabricated, as if they were woven onto your very being. They're meant to display a modernity rich in texture, substance, and heritage.

We combine a craftsman's touch, with an artist's eye, and a designer's panache. The result is elegant simplicity in every angle. Originality in its purest form.

Each Special Order piece is the truest manifestation of individuality. This is your inner self, your character, your passion, and your heart coming to life.