Private Appointments

You will have a virtual consultation with one of our designers where you will share your vision and story. Your personal designer will walk you through our process and answer all of your questions. He/She will be your point of contact going forward and will be available via phone, email, and text to answer all your questions.

A Special Orders jewelry piece is complicated. Be it an engagement ring, an intricate 22 karat gold chain, or anything in between, your designer can provide instant feedback on gemstone selection, the difference in precious metals, price optimization, and other design elements.


Only the highest quality lab-grown and natural diamonds. All of our diamonds are VS or VVS quality or higher. Our lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in the USA. We only use lab-grown diamonds which are 1.5 carats or larger. Our natural diamonds are completely conflict-free and sustainable. We hand-select every diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are the same chemically, physically, and to the eye. The only difference is lab-grown diamonds are made by man. Natural diamonds are made by Nature. Lab-grown diamonds offer more price optimization per carat.

All of our diamond jewelry is clearly identified as lab-grown or natural in the product description. Lab-grown pieces are very clearly marked as such. We only use lab-grown diamonds of 1.5 carats and higher. All of our smaller pave diamonds, and diamond settings are natural VS quality or higher diamonds.

We offer high-quality natural colored diamonds to Special Order clients. Our available colored diamonds range from yellows and pinks to exotic blues, browns, and reds.

Special Orders

1) Initial private appointment to discuss your story, vision, and pricing.

2) 3D Designs and Renderings ar provided.

3) Final approval of design.

4) Manufacturing and production of your Special Order jewelry piece.

5) Delivery.

We offer resizing as many times as needed. We handle all insured shipping to and from our location.

We work with only 18 karat gold and higher. This is the highest quality and finest gold available for jewelry making. Our platinum is always 95% or higher.


Roy Jewels is a luxury jewelry house. We focus exclusively on limited production collections and Special Order 1 of 1 pieces.

When they're ready. Every collection is a dance in design and manufacturing. Every piece is conceptualized, designed, and manufactured by hand. Every collection has a story. And when production and story intersect, the collection is taken live.

Every collection we drop stays on our site until it's sold out. We produce limited edition pieces. We produce 1 of 1 Special Order pieces by request. Nothing else.


Every Roy jewelry item has our logo laser engraved on the piece.

All Roy diamond pieces can be certified at the buyers request. All Special Order pieces come with a GIA certificate.

We provide a Certificate of Appraisal and Certificate of Retail Replacement Value for every Special Order piece. For all other items, we may be able to provide a Certificate of Appraisal and Certificate of Retail Replacement Value for a price of $500.


A pre-order is the reservation of one of our upcoming product drops. It is not yet available, but soon will be. Pre-order items will ship upon the completion of the product. Credit cards are charged the moment the order is placed.

A piece of jewelry designed and manufactured by request. We work directly with our clients to design and manufacture their piece as per their vision and demands. Examples of Special Order jewelry are modifications of our existing pieces or completely custom designs and products such as engagement rings, necklaces, and other 1 of 1 pieces.

The Special Order experience is to commemorate moments that defy this lifetime. All Special Orders are heritage orders that are made to be passed on for eternity.

When your order has been submitted to the courier, you will receive an email and/or text message from the courier providing the tracking number related to the order.

To monitor the status of your order, you may visit the courier website and insert the tracking number.


Credit cards (we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, and all other major credit cards);

For other payment terms and methods, please contact us via text for a callback at +1-212-624-2784. We will call you back at the phone number provided. Our other payment options include payment plans, layaway, and crytpo.

After authorization, a transaction can still fail. If the transaction fails after authorization the funds will still be reserved on your bank account. Although they have not been debited, they may appear to have been collected. A charge can last for up to 20 days before it drops off.

Reasons for credit card failure include:
- Card limit has been reached
- Card information entered is wrong
- Card reached the maximum number of charges allowed in a period
- The billing address does not match with the cardholder details
- Card does not allow international transactions
- Card does not allow online transactions
- Depending on the country in which you are located you might have to call your bank to authorize your credit card for online, cross-border or overseas transactions. 

In other cases, the reasons may relate to fraud prevention and other security measures implemented by credit card companies to protect the cardholder against card abuse.


Free standard shipping on all orders, anywhere in the world.

We offer expedited signature delivery at a cost of $25 in the USA.

No, the shipping address cannot be modified after order completion.


We offer free returns on all order for up to 60 days. Please see our Returns Policy here.

Once the return has been received at our warehouse and examined by our quality control team, the refund will be processed via the original payment method. The refund includes the full price for the product(s) but not any delivery charges.

Every product sold by us is guaranteed forever. If your item has a manufacturing defect, you may email forever@royjewels.com. We will email you a reply with specific instructions to return your piece for inspection. If your piece is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the merchandise, replace the item, or provide you with a full Roy store credit of the purchase price if we can not repair or replace your piece.