Of Diamonds and Leopards

The Snow Leopard

The snow leopard is the most elusive creature in nature. He is inaccessible and impossible to sight. Confirmation of his mere existence is a function of luck. The only affirmation of his glory is the good fortune of those that have spotted him in the wild.

Snow leopards live across a vast area in the Central Asian High Mountains of Northern India. Commonly known as the Himalayas. They live at an elevation of over 18,000 feet mostly above the high alpine area tree lines. They live alone amidst the white peaks, clouds, and snow.

The Snow Leopard is known as The Ghost of the Mountains. The Ghost does not want to be found.

The Snow Diamond

Snow diamonds are GIA certified Roy diamonds- as rare in jewelry as the snow leopard is in the wild. We source our diamonds by hand-picking our suppliers and ensuring primary access to the most exclusive stones. Stones that are as rare, icy, and aloof as they are proud.

Snow diamonds are the pinnacle of excellence. All snow diamond special orders are a collaboration between art and science. A time-honored melding of souls between the muse that is our customer and the artist that is the jeweler. A tradition of hand-craftsmanship extrapolated into modernity and paired with the perfect snow diamonds.

Our artist-artisan cutters and polishers ensure that our snow diamonds are pure and precise. Their only purpose is to perfect your vision so that it connects with your soul.