Design is not singular. It can’t be done in isolation. Every piece we design is a combination of nature and moments. It’s humbling. Whether it's a collection, or a special order 1 of 1 piece, we let the moment and the story drive the design process. The last thing we want to do is jump on the latest trends. Trends are transient. Design is eternal.


Design should always be second to nature. The most beautiful things in this world, in this universe, are already here. We just have to find them. Whether they be our diamonds or our designs, our job is simple: let nature drive design. And when that happens, magic happens. Magic is always minimal.


Second to nature, capturing time is the most important aspect of design. Finding beauty in nature is not enough. Taking that beauty, bottling it, and releasing it back into the universe with our imprint…well that…that’s what makes it a Roy. That's a true emotional journey. We never, ever create something that we wouldn’t wear ourselves.