Roy Jewels is a traditional jewelry house in every sense of the word. We possessively guard and uphold the industry’s historical expertise, skills, and techniques while helping usher in modern innovation at every level. Roy Jewels always takes into consideration our debt to nature and the environment.

Cultivators of Heritage

Every Roy Jewels collection allows us to innovate with materials, craft, and design while tenaciously guarding the time-tested approach to jewelry making. There exists an ethical obligation in protecting the skills and expertise of our karigars while moving the industry forward in respect to the environment and human rights. We take that obligation to heart.


All of our gold is ethically sourced. We stringently adhere to both environmental and social guidelines in the sourcing of our gold. Our suppliers certify to the chain of custody and support fair mining and fair trading initiatives that especially support artisan projects.


All Roy Jewels diamonds on offer strictly adhere to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is amongst the strictest of agreements between countries and suppliers of diamonds. It bans regions where diamonds are trafficked to help finance conflicts. It formally establishes requirements for the observance of human and labor rights, along with stringent environmental standards.


Roy Jewels actively monitors and gauges the impact of our operations on the environment. We not only measure the impact to the environment on the last leg of the supply chain – delivery to our customers, but throughout the entire supply-chain by actively vetting all vendors and suppliers. We have devised internal metrics that actively value our entire production process to minimize its impact on the environment.