Our approach is rooted in nature. An homage and a deference to everything the Earth provides. For all of us.

Roy Jewels is engaged in a broad range of initiatives aimed at not only protecting, but nourishing our environment. From protecting human rights and dignity to responsible sourcing and preserving the environment: everything we create stands at the precipice of man’s relationship with nature.


Every Roy gemstone and metal, down to our diamond dust, is sourced with the most stringent ethical and sustainability standards in the industry. Our internal standards demand us to source from local artisans and craftsmen that respect the land.

In this world, all economies are local and our footprint greatly benefits the local economies of which we are a part. It’s simple: source the highest quality materials from the highest quality people to create the highest quality jewels.

Supply Chain

Everyone wants to talk about sustainability. Most don’t want to execute.

We execute.

We source all of our materials and gemstones in small batches. Small helps families. Small leads to the highest quality products. And small is unique. We source the stones to create the vision. Not the other way around. That’s an absurdly critical detail which is often overlooked.