The Beauty Of Nature

There’s never been anything that’s come from nature that isn’t beautiful. And here’s a little secret: everything is nature; in some way, shape, or form, nature encompasses the universe. Whether it’s diamonds from the ground, diamonds in the sky, or diamonds in the lab, they’re all a part of this beautiful, cosmic force we call nature. In that regard, when it comes to sourcing our materials, we have a simple standard: let nature drive and show you its best avatar, its unparalleled beauty, and its infinite glory.

1. Quality

As pervasively beautiful as nature may be, determining where her beauty fits with a piece of custom jewelry takes a keen eye for quality. We scour the entire globe sourcing the finest diamonds, the most sustainable gold, and the most precious of rubies and emeralds for your custom piece. We not only consider it a joy, but our solemn duty to make sure we are using the highest quality materials to ensure that every piece of jewelry we ever create meets our stringent standards in both beauty and excellence.

2. Standards

There are many important criteria and standards in the world of jewelry, yet the most crucial for us is The Roy Standard. Every diamond, ounce of gold, ruby, stone, and bezel we use must meet our exacting standards, upheld by our rigorous selection process. We believe that while the world sets expectations, true perfection is achieved by surpassing the standards we set for ourselves. This philosophy ensures only the finest materials are chosen for our creations.

3. Sourcing

So then, how do you procure the most perfect materials, of the highest quality, which meet the most exacting of standards? The standard known as ‘Roy’. Relationships. Relationships are as old as time, and in many ways, they bind the world of jewelry into this cohesive narrative we call life. Our relationships have been cultivated for generations with handpicked suppliers, trusted confidants, and unparalleled access. It is precisely this access which allows us to create pieces that shine brighter, and more perfectly, than the sun.