About Us


We make jewelry.

We make jewelry that defies time. Yours and ours.

We make jewelry that's remembered. Otherwise what's the point?

We make jewelry that cements your legacy. Yours is the only legacy that matters.

We make jewelry that's Real. Real with a capital R. As Real as you.

Roy Jewels is a luxury jewelry house that drops limited edition jewelry collections and makes special order 1 of 1 jewelry pieces on demand. Our house is an homage to the past with an eye to the future.

We make jewelry that's us. Just us. Never them.

Slow Luxury

Luxury is slow. Luxury is thoughtful. Luxury is deep.

We are devoted to slow, thoughtful, deep luxury. Luxury is a commitment. Anything else is haste.

We have tremendous admiration for our heritage and the legacy of slow luxury. India is renowned for craftsmanship, but the world seems to have forgotten that it is the birthplace of luxury. From the discovery of the first diamonds to the pearls that adorned our Maharajahs and Maharanis, India and slow luxury dance in harmony.

To create an authentic luxury brand in the current era, you need a design perspective driven by heritage and an aesthetic that is not a slave to trends, but to time. A design vision which can stand the test of time.

Slow luxury, or Roy luxury, may seem miscast in a world of fast fashion and mass production. That's okay. We'd rather go back in time and maintain the human connection and the beautiful moment of anticipation. We'd rather not treat our planet or our people as inexhaustible resources. We'd rather be rare. And wait.

Roy Jewels is about waiting. And treasuring. And cherishing. Everything in life worth having is worth waiting for.

The slow drum beat of time.

Design Ethos

Our designs evoke a sense of deja-vu. We make jewelry that captures the essence of your spirituality while enhancing the physical being. Our style is an extension of the soul and allows us to share our voice with this world. That voice is jewelry. The quintessential piece. Using the art of design, we push a thought, a flicker, an abstraction into the creation of a jewelry piece. The result is crisp, structured, classicism. This is our secret. Uniquely Roy.

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We create jewelry that represents where we came from and where we are. A love for the ancient world and modern Americana.

Jewelry is one of the most powerful forces in history. Across continents and civilizations, it has left its imprint on society. Jewelry has played a poignant part in our ancestry. From adorning our warriors as they entered the battlefield to gracing royalty as they entered the afterlife. Jewelry places individual meaning and importance to every aspect of our being.

Jewelry is our heritage. All of ours.

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Stories fuel everything we create. We use stories as a medium to conceive pieces that bridge people and breathe new life into the world of modern luxury. Stories that express emotions and lead to experiences. Stories that make life worth living.

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Roy Jewels conceives jewelry using not only the most precious gemstones and metals available, but also abstract design details to fuel classical, modern, luxury jewels that are both a statement and an apparatus.

Metal is one of the most important components of a Roy piece. We select our metals by paying homage to the Maharajas and our Indian heritage. We choose our precious metal for its color, its texture and strength, and the way it twists and turns to tell your story. The choice of metal holds a spiritual significance. It means something to the wearer and the wearer's relationship with the world. Our metals and the way they are shaped are the soul of the Roy brand. How they are selected matters.

Stones also have tremendous meaning. The perfect stone is an extension of your soul and can induce powerful emotions. When combined with the perfect precious metal, a gemstone evokes individuality and personal style. How they are selected matters.

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