Are Nose Rings Supposed To Be Loose?

Picture this: you just got your nose pierces or bought a dope new stud or hoop. You get the nose ring unboxed and you’re so excited to show off your new look - you put it in and look in the mirror.

But hold up. Something is not quite right.

You notice the nose ring is a bit loose - is this normal? Are nose rings supposed to be loose? This is a question we get all the time. So, we’ve decided to address it once and for all. In this quick guide, you’ll learn all about how nose rings should fit - and what it means if yours is too loose. Let’s not waste any more time - it’s time to address the question at hand.

So, Are Nose Rings Supposed To Be Loose?

So, are nose rings supposed to be loose? If this is your first nose ring or piercing in general, this can be cause for concern. But don’t stress - nose rings are generally a bit loose. This is by design, actually. In fact, if your nose ring fits tight - there’s a problem. You shouldn’t feel any pressure on your piercing when you insert it. This is true whether you have a hoop or stud. 

Many manufacturers purposely bend the nose rings to be a bit loose so they can move around in the nose. This is to accommodate the swelling period immediately after piercing and allow for drainage, discharge, and cleaning, too. But there is no doubt about it - all this movement can be distracting and flat-out annoying. Do you have to put up with it forever?

When Can I Resize My Piercing?

If you don’t love this sensation of the loose nose ring, you only have to put up with it for a short while. After the initial swelling period is over, you can go back to your piercer or jeweler and get a tighter, larger diameter nose ring that fits a bit tighter. But, how long do you have to deal with the annoying loose nose ring?

It depends - everyone’s healing period after getting a nose piercing is different. For some, the swelling resides as quickly as a few days. For others, it can take up to two weeks. In general, though, we recommend waiting at least a good 3 weeks from the date of your piercing before getting your nose ring resized. The last thing you want to do is jump the gun and end up doing more harm than good - delaying your healing process even further or contributing to infection. A tight ring after piercing could cut into the tissue and result in hypertrophic scarring. If you really want to be safe, wait a full month after getting your piercing to replace the loose ring with a tighter, snugger ring.

Is My Nose Ring Supposed To Stick Out So Far?

Another question we see those new to nose piercings ask is, “how far out is my nose ring supposed to stick out?”. This is the result of a loose piercing. The standard length for most rings is 6-7mm. However, those with slimmer nostrils will probably experience that this length is a bit too much. If that sounds like you, you’re likely better off with a short 5mm piercing.

An Easy Way To Tell If Your Nose Ring Fits Right

Now, we know you might be wondering how to tell if your nose ring is too loose, too tight, or if it actually fits perfectly and it is all in your head. You’re in luck. In this section, we’ll cover how to tell if your nose ring fits right or not. Most of the time, you can simply look in the mirror and see how it looks. Does it look aesthetically pleasing? Does it appear that your ring fits right? And most importantly, does it feel like your nose ring fits right? If so, chances are, it does. 

But if you feel that something is off, you’re probably right. If you see more of your nose ring shaft than you’d like, you may want a shorter piercing. Similarly, if you can easily move your ring about in the piercing, it’s a sign that you need a wider ring. Just remember - you should wait until the healing process is complete to mess with your ring or resize it.

Are Nose Rings Supposed To Be Loose? Final Thoughts

So, are nose rings supposed to fit loose? Yes - that is, if you were just recently pierced and given a temporary ring by your professional piercer for the healing process. They commonly bend these screws to help anchor your piercing in place and allow for discharge, drainage, cleaning, and swelling. After a few days or weeks, you may notice your piercing now fits much looser. Don’t worry - after the healing process, you can upgrade to a tighter fitting piercing.

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