Alchemy – as above, so below. The neat order observed in the heavens can and shall be discerned amidst the chaos on Earth. So they say. 

So, we prove.

Alchemy is our foundation. It’s how we understand the complex: in terms of the simple. This collection is borderless, timeless, and nature in its rawest.

Our foundation is gold. Gold crosses borders, cultures, and time. Its use spans order and chaos. It has brought peace to war. And it always, always epitomizes the infinite. Be it love, hope, or simply…style.

Alchemy is our homage to the most precious, of precious metals. Every piece we create is a function of Alchemy. From our Staples such as Paperclips, Cuban Links, and Hoops to our more complex 22 karat gold pieces: Alchemy.


Staples – fundamental. The fundamental brings stability. For something to be fundamental, it must be necessary without drawing attention. It must blend seamlessly into the background while being overarchingly present.

Our Staples. Gold chains which shall be a part of every collection. Chains which draw attention not because they are loud, but because they are seamless. Chains that are simply...Roy