Sourced from the expansive depths of the Pacific Ocean, each Tahitian pearl carries within it the echoes of far-off tropical beaches and moonlit nights. Our Tahitian pearls are symbols of uniqueness, exuding a spectrum of captivating colors that mirror our vibrant Indian heritage and contemporary imagination.

In every Tahitian pearl lies a touch of the extraordinary, a manifestation of our commitment to offering unique pieces that encapsulate the essence of our design ethos - the coalescence of diverse cultures and the celebration of individuality.


Harvested from the serene waters of Japan, every Akoya pearl is a tribute to the symmetry and harmony found in nature. Each of these iridescent gems is an embodiment of our distinct heritage and a manifestation of our contemporary creativity.

In the heart of the Akoya pearl lies a timeless allure, a testament to our keen attention to detail and our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. This collection gives voice to the understated, the refined, and the elegant - principles deeply rooted in our design ethos, reflecting our Indian influences seamlessly melded with the sophistication of modern aesthetics.

One Night Amidst The Stars

Inspired by the rhythmic dance between the Eastern traditions and Western aesthetics, we bring to you a collection that's as unique and beautiful as the night sky.

Every piece in this collection is an embodiment of our tradition, intricately woven with elements of western artistry. Harvested from the tranquil waters of Japan and the vast Pacific Ocean, our Akoya and Tahitian pearls symbolize a graceful blend of cultures and an exploration of our modern aesthetic sensibilities.

With The Pearls Collection, we are introducing more than just exquisite jewelry. These pearls are a tribute to the rare, the unique, and the timeless. Like each of our creations, our pearl jewelry encapsulates our Indian influences, creatively reimagined through a contemporary lens.