The Philosophy Of Design

If you think about what makes good design, you’d think about angles, cuts, the way jewelry shines, how it glimmers: both as you look at it, and as it radiates from your eyes. If you thought even deeper, you’d think about the story it tells, what you envision it to be, how it represents your style, your presentation, and most importantly, your heritage. And in thinking about all those things, you’d be thinking the exact same thing as us: Philosophy drives design, and design is driven by your soul.

1. Storytelling

If you asked a jeweler to make you a piece, most likely she’d make you a piece. If you asked one of Roy’s jewelers to make you a piece, he’d start by asking you to tell him a story. The story of your life, the story of your dreams, the story of why that piece, at that moment in time, and the story of why it matters. You see, a piece without a story is a piece of metal. Yes, we obsess about stories, and stories drive every single piece we make.

2. Vision

Stories alone do not make a piece of jewelry. Stories, after all, are for books. Vision is where we take your story and conceptualize it into reality. The work of every artist in history has been to tell someone else’s story. The task has been to envision both the wishes they knew they had, and most importantly, the desires that were hidden. Our vision is our creativity, melded with your story.

3. Style

You know that one person, whether she just left the yoga studio or is on the way to a formal event at the Met, she always just flows? The one where style just clings to her, effortlessly? We live in an era where style is often trivialized. Roy lives in the reality that style is eternal and easy. Style is something you can’t describe or fake. Style just is. Style is timeless. Our pieces are timeless. Every one of our pieces embody style. Actual style.

4. Presentation

One of the most misunderstood elements of design, especially the design of jewelry, is how a piece connects with a person. Designers are often more concerned with making sure the piece is perfect, they forget about how it interacts with the tangible body. Our custom pieces are designed to wholly incorporate the person for whom they’re made. So, whether you’re playing a pick-up basketball game or visiting the Louvre, your piece lives and works for you.

5. Heritage

We have a simple belief: if you don’t understand heritage, you don’t understand jewelry. Heritage and jewelry are interwoven through the fabric of time. Jewelry is heritage. And our heritage is the East and the West. From the best-cut diamonds of India to the minimal aesthetics of America, every piece captures our unique heritage.