"Design is a humbling process. As artists we get to shed our backgrounds, our differences, our biases, and just create under the mantle of a designer. We have a real freedom to explore and connect with those around us. To reinvent ourselves and shape a new reality for our audience."



It starts with sourcing the best materials in the world. The. Best.

Gold, precious gemstones, and especially our natural diamonds.  We don't just stop our selection process at the 4c's. We go above and beyond to source the perfect, natural Roy Diamond.

Only then do we go into the cave - our creative studio where our designers spend many sleepless nights turning those precious diamonds into works of art. All of our pieces go through hundreds of iterations before you ever set your eyes on them. 

From conception to creation, every piece is an emotional journey. It's built on one strict rule: never, ever create something that we wouldn't wear ourselves. At the end of the day we want to make sure that when you wear one of our pieces, you know it's a Roy.