Metal + Stone

Metal is one of the most powerful forces in history. Across continents and civilizations, it has left its imprint on society. Metal has played a poignant part in our ancestry. From adorning our warriors as they entered the battlefield to gracing royalty as they entered the afterlife. Metal places individual meaning and importance to every aspect of our being. From the choice of metal, its color and strength, how it is culled, and the hands blessed to work with it, metal imbues permanence and spiritual release.

Metal is one of the most important components of a Roy Special Order piece. We pay homage to the Maharajas and our Indian heritage with the metal we choose, its color, its texture and strength, and the way it twists and turns to tell your story. The choice of metal holds a spiritual significance. It means something to the wearer and the wearer's relationship with the world. Our metals and the way they are shaped are the soul of the Roy brand.

We work directly with our mettalurgists and artisans to choose the perfect precious metal for your Special Order piece. This piece will become your permanence and we put deep thought into its color, texture, and pliability. This process not only enhances the Special Order experience, but creates an emotional connection between your jewelry and your self.

Stones also have tremendous meaning. The perfect stone is an extension of your soul and can induce powerful emotions. When combined with the perfect precious metal, a gemstone evokes individuality and personal style.

Stones have long had a spirtual connection with diverse peoples from all parts of the world.

Understanding those stones, the type, the color, the history and weaving it into the client's purpose and life story is our primary goal. Precious gemstones have the power to evoke a deep sense of self while providing a profound sense of clarity.

22 Karats - The Gold of Maharajas

Indian Royalty has always been synonymous with jewelry. Both the Maharanis and the Maharajas loved to adorn themselves with lavish jewels. This jewelry was not only a symbol of power, but established structure and hierarchy in the royal courts. Many of the most powerful royal dynasties had a trusted jeweler. Legend has it that the most important task of this jeweler was to provide the Maharaja with the most coveted of metals. Gold. But, not just any gold. Only 22 karat gold was allowed in the Houses of the most distinguished Maharajas.

Roy Jewels signature metal is 22 karat gold. This was not chosen on a whim. The bright yellow of this metal signifies royalty, class, and protection. The softness due to its puirty allows us to delicately weave any pattern that is feasible. 22 karat gold is grounded in a powerful, potent, and delicate history.

Diamond Heritage

India has been the source of nearly all of the world's diamonds. Forever. Before 1896, when diamonds were discovered in South Africa, India was the only place on earth where diamonds were mined.

These Indian Diamonds are amongst the most illustrous and sought after in the history of mankind. The most legendary gems of our times: Koh-i-Noor, Daria-i-Noor, Nizam, The Hope Diamond, The Regent Diamond, and The Great Mogul Diamond were all mined and cut in India.

Our reinterpretation of the traditional Indian Diamond is highlighted in our most special pieces. We pay homage to India's distinct heritage and craftsmanship. Roy diamonds are selected for their cut, patterns, and luster. Most importantly, the global demand and love of the Indian Diamond Heritage drives every diamond decision we make. Even though many of the Indian Mines are now closed, searching for that heritage in every diamond we select is the essence of our Special Order pieces.