This Is Shakti

Roy Jewels is delighted to present our re-imagined vision of the classic Cuban Link. The Shakti is an elevated solid gold necklace presented in 18 or 22 karat gold for the most endearing of jewelry experiences.

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18k Cuban Link Chain

22k Cuban Link Chain

Our Gold Shines Above The Rest

This handcrafted masterpiece is a product of our designer's dedication to encapsulating your perception of fine jewelry. The Shakti, our interpretation of the timeless Cuban Link, embodies 'power' from Hindu philosophy. A definitive accessory designed to uplift any outfit and mirror the strongest expressions of your day-to-day life. Skillfully wrought in 18k or 22k solid gold, we've mastered the balance of achieving the ultimate luster without compromising purity.

The Craftsmanship Of Roy Jewels

Our 22k gold is painstakingly selected and obtained from the most reliable and respected suppliers in India. We are committed to maintaining the purity of this treasured metal, guaranteeing that every single piece of the Shakti necklace carries the highest possible gold content – an impressive 91.67% pure gold amalgamated with a unique blend of alloys. This combination enhances the strength and durability of our jewelry, while still preserving its radiant appeal.

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Your Story Personified

Roy takes great pride in transferring the unique experience of special orders to the digital realm. Every piece is crafted to order, embedding your distinct style into its essence. We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our designers to explore more about personalizing your Shakti as a special orders piece.