Special Orders - The Proposal Ring


The Creation Of Your 1 of 1 Ring

Life is a series of chapters - some more significant than others. From declaring your passion, proposing to the partner of your dreams, or celebrating the birth of your child, each of chapter is unique. Each chapter is precious. And each must be remembered. Forever.

Special Orders capture these timeless and essential moments. Solitaire diamonds, promise rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands in gold, platinum, and diamonds reflect the heritage of our brand.

Our Special Orders dedicated to marriage are based on the foundation of design, technical innovation, and the diamond heritage of our brand. The result is hand-made jewelry which allows you to cement your legacy and pass on the timelessness of your story. From the selection of your stone, to the design of your setting, Roy Jewels works with you to your perfection. The result is a story which will last forever.

S. 1 A Private Meeting

Creating an engagmenent ring is a complex and challenging endeavor. You have to make it perfect.

All of our creations start with a meeting. A meeting with one of our expert designers. Our designers are experts in gemmology and mettalurgy and will guide you through the entire creative process. You may attend this meeting alone or with your significant other.

This meeting is an opportunity to discuss your aesthetic, your history, your inspiration, your vision, and ultimately, your story. After the meeting, we will be better able to define the ring of your dreams. This is the essential step to share your story and discover your future.

S. 2 Choose Your Stone

The choice of stone is the most essential step in creating your engagement ring. Diamonds are as unique, in fact more unique, than a fingerprint. We go above and beyond the 4 C's in selecting your perfect stone.

It is in our DNA, in our heritage, to source the most beautiful diamonds on earth. Diamonds that not only meet all of the technical criteria of color and purity, but also possess a symmetry with nature, a harmony and balance, and a natural spirt which imbues character.

Each Roy diamond undergoes a rigorous selection process. Whether the diamond is lab-grown or natural, it is cut with the utmost precision and examined and reexamined by our expert diamantaires.

All Roy diamonds - whether they be radiant, emerald, round, pear, cushion, or marquise, must go through our exacting standards. Let us discover the diamond for your story.

S. 3 Choose Your Setting

The setting is the stage for your diamond. It refers to the way in which the stones are mounted on a metal ring. The perfect setting will enhance the beauty of the diamond. We will work with you to create the perfect harmony.

Therer are numerous iterations of specialization which your designer will guide you through. This will result in the setting of your dreams, completely unique to you. Each Roy setting is handmade to enhance the shape and size of your diamond.

The meticulous work of our expert setters ensures that your selected stone will reveal its full beauty and radiance.

S. 4 Create Your Ring

After your stone and setting have been finalized, we manufacture your ring. In our studio, diamond and metal are coalesced to create a 1 of 1 ring for only you. The perfection of your story is our only objective.

The result is a precious piece of jewelry perfected by your mind and ours. A collaboration in storytelling.

Your perfect engagement ring will arrive protected in a stunning Roy case to protect its opulence. By its side will be the certificate of authenticity and the internationally recognized diamond certificate. The diamond certificate describes the essentials of your diamond from its 4C rating to its uniquely identifiable laser-inscribed serial number.

S. 5 Aftercare

Your ring will be worn every day for years to come. We have you covered.


All Roy Special Order pieces are guaranteed forever. If your ring is damaged due to a manufacturing issue, we will repair or replace your ring for life. If we can not replace the ring, we will create an equal replacement.


We provide lifetime consultations for all Special Order pieces. You can reach us to inquire about craftsmanship, repairs, customization, or enhancements.