Shakti In Monaco

Wild & Free

In the vibrant playground of Monaco, a lone adventurer emerges. With the Mediterranean as his backdrop, he strides through the city streets with an untamed spirit. Around his wrist gleams a bespoke bracelet from Roy, a symbol of his passion for the extraordinary.

As he dives into the azure waters, he embraces the freedom of Monaco's embrace. With Roy's bespoke pieces, he writes his own story of indulgence and adventure, where luxury knows no bounds and the spirit of Monaco invites him to be wild and free.

An Unforgettable Experience

We takes great pride in transferring the unique experience of special orders to the digital front. Every piece is hand crafted to order, embedding your distinct style into its creation. We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our designers to explore more about personalizing your Shakti as a special orders piece.