How Much is a Real Diamond Nose Stud?

The most common reason people go for nose piercings, nostrils, or spectrum is aesthetics- to adorn the nose and improve its appeal. Some do it for other reasons, like individuality, culture, bond, fetish, trends, and commitment.

Whatever your reasons are, body modification is never truly complete without a nose ring or stud. As expected, there is various nose jewelry in stunning colors, materials, shapes, and styles. Constantly appearing among the most sought-after nose jewelry are diamond nose studs. Their popularity is justified as they are refined, classy, voguish, and tend to bring a glint to the eyes- if they are real.

You may be skeptical about choosing a real diamond nose stud because the precious stones may cost a fortune. However, that is not entirely true as diamond nose studs come in different grades and thus come at different prices. 

So, how much does a real diamond nose stud cost? Well, it depends on several factors. Let’s start there.

How Much Does a Diamond Nose Stud Cost: Factors at Play

As you may already know, there is no standard price for all diamond studs, regardless of their uniformity. Many factors will determine how much you get your nose jewelry, and we will walk you through some of them.

How much is a real diamond nose stud? See all the factors that affect their pricing below;

Quality of the Diamond

Diamonds are usually graded first by their quality. Knowing the difference in each grade will help you get the value of money and work with the best budget. 

So, generally, diamonds come in six clarity grades;

  • Included 1st degree (I1)- They are the most affordable ones on the list. The flaws of I1 diamonds are easy to see under the magnifying glass and sometimes with the naked eye. 
  • Slightly included (SI1 and SI2)- Slightly Included diamonds always have imperfections which are usually still visible under the magnifying glass. However, they are better than I1s and thus cost higher.
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2): As the name implies, VS diamond blemishes are hardly noticeable, but you can still catch them with a magnifying glass. They cost more than SI diamonds.
  • Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2): They have tiny blemishes that cannot be seen except by trained professionals under 10x magnification. They may cost double the I1 diamond price.
  • Internally Flawed (IF): The imperfections on the surface are tiny and may be made using 10× magnification. IF diamonds are second on the clarity grade list.
  • Flawless (FL): You will not find blemishes on an FL diamond even under 10× magnification. They are the highest class and represent only 2% of the diamonds in the market.

The cost of getting a diamond nose stud rises with its clarity grade, I1 being the lowest and FL being the most expensive.

Size of the Diamond

If you are familiar with precious stones, a diamond's carat will mean a lot. The carat of your diamond simply refers to its size, weight, or measurement generally. 

The carat of a diamond is a major price determinant in the market. The higher the carat, the higher the price. However, be careful when selecting a diamond based on carat because they are sometimes cut poorly to meet a certain weight. 

Where You are Buying it

As we stated earlier, diamonds don't have a uniform cost, regardless of their clarity or carat. Since there are different brands selling diamond nose studs, you will find them at varied prices. Ensure you purchase your nose jewelry from a credible store to get the value for your money.

Note: Cheap Diamond Nose Studs are Rarely Real!

A great way to tell the difference between a fake and real diamond nose stud is through the price. As a rule of thumb, any diamond nose jewelry that costs just a few hundred dollars is a fake. And trust us - you don't want to get caught wearing fake jewelry. Embarrassing.

Fake diamond nose studs, although cheaper, are inferior to the real ones and quick to lose their shine. Real diamonds, on the other end, are quality, timeless, and easy to maintain. You don't have to worry about replacing a real diamond nose anytime soon because they will last forever. 

However, that does not mean you shouldn't take care of your nose rings properly. Although real diamonds don't need much maintenance, you still have to clean them for good hygiene and a better appearance.

So, How Much is a Real Diamond Nose Stud?

Finally, to answer the question: "How much is a real diamond nose stud? 

A real diamond nose stud should not go for anything cheaper than $500. If you find one like that, double-check because it may be a fake. 

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Final Thoughts on the Cost of a Real Diamond Nose Stud

Here is a quick wrap on our article; how much does a diamond stud cost?;

It is usually tempting to go with nose jewelry that is cheaper. However, we advise against this. Your cheap diamond nose stud is probably just an imitation of the real deal. If you’re going to buy real diamond nose studs, just spend the money to get real, high-quality, authentic jewels - or don’t buy them at all! 

Lastly, buying quality jewelry is an investment as the precious stone or metal tends to increase in value over time. Also;

  • Quality jewelry is healthier and has lower risks of irritating the skin.
  • Real jewelry remains valuable and will not depreciate like fakes.
  • You can turn your real jewelry piece into an heirloom.

We are fans of living within your means, but whenever you can afford to buy quality jewelry,  get it instead of the fake ones. It is a great confidence booster and also worth every penny in the end.