How to Clean Nose Jewelry: Tips for Shining Your Diamond Piercings

Just like with any piece of jewelry, keeping a nose ring clean and shiny is the key to making it last and look amazing for the years to come. After all, if your jewelry has real diamonds - you likely paid a pretty penny for it. You want to keep it looking like-new to maintain that shine and sparkle, right? Plus–nose ring cleaning can also keep your piercing area clean and free from infections. 

So, among the many questions you may have about nose piercings, including if nose rings are supposed to be loose or if nose rings can cause headaches, you may want to learn how to clean a nose ring and what to clean nose ring with. 

Continue reading below as we discuss how to clean nose jewelry, and how to shine nose ring diamonds so they keep their dazzle and sparkle. 

Why Learning How to Clean Nose Jewelry Correctly is So Important

Like we mentioned, cleaning all types of jewelry is important, but keeping nose jewelry clean specifically is highly important given where it’s placed. The nose is a direct passageway into your body, so you want to make sure you’re keeping your nose jewelry as clean and hygienic as possible for your overall health.

Any infections or harmful bacteria growth around your nose piercing could wreak havoc on the rest of your body, which is why learning how to clean a nose ring is so important. Not to mention, you may have noticed that nose rings smell bad on occasion, so with proper cleaning, you can avoid this problem. 

Plus, if you’re investing good money into your nose jewelry, you want to do the proper upkeep and maintenance to keep it shiny and sparkly for the years to come. Otherwise, you may notice rusting, buildup, or other less-than-ideal features that detract from the overall look of the nose ring. 

Now that you understand the consequences of not cleaning a nose ring well, let’s take a look at the actual steps for nose ring cleaning–including how to shine nose ring diamonds. 

How to Clean a Diamond Nose Ring: Step by Step Guide

Knowing how important it is to maintain clean nose jewelry, you may be wondering how to clean the diamond in my nose ring as well as the metal. So, let’s now take a look at how to clean a nose ring no matter if you have a ring or stud, including the products you’ll need to get the perfect sparkle. 

What to Clean a Nose Ring With

First, we’ll cover what to clean nose ring with so you can gather the right products you’ll need when learning how to clean the diamond in my nose ring. When you’re dealing with quality metals and gemstones, you want to make sure you’re using products that are gentle enough not to harm the piece of jewelry, but will also clean it well and give it a shiny luster. 

In general, you don’t need heavy-duty cleaners to make your diamond look brand new. One common way to clean diamond jewelry is to use a mix of warm water and dishsoap, and wipe the diamond clean with the mixture. This can help cut through grime and oils that may be covering the gem, though other people suggest soaking diamonds in a hydrogen peroxide solution to uncover the diamond’s sparkle beneath any buildup. So, go off your personal preference or what products you have on hand.

However, a diamond nose ring is made of more than just the diamond itself. So, you’ll need to pay special attention the metal used in your jewelry as well when you’re choosing the right cleaning products. You’ll happy to know that you can clean gold in the same way that you clean the diamond, though you may need to gather some additional products when cleaning a sterling silver nose ring. With sterling silver, you’ll want to soak it in a vinegar and baking soda solution for best results, and beware of using too hot of water when rinsing so as to not tarnish the silver. 

With a better idea of what to clean nose ring with and what supplies you’ll need, we can move on to actually learning how to clean nose ring jewelry. 

Start by Cleaning the Pin on Your Nose Piercing

With the right materials on hand, you’re ready to learn how to clean nose ring jewelry. You’ll want to start by cleaning the pin on the nose piercing, or the post that gets inserted into the skin. As we’ve discussed, cleaning this part of nose jewelry is extremely important because it can help prevent infections, especially if you’re dealing with a fresh piercing.

So for people who wonder are nose rings are safe, they absolutely can be if you’re cleaning them right, starting with the nose ring pin. Using the correct solution for the metal that your nose jewelry is made out of, you can wipe down the pin with a soft cloth.

For extra grime and build-up, you may consider soaking the nose ring in the solution before you wipe it down. All in all, you’re trying to keep up the shiny appearance the silver or gold that the ring is made out of, and keep it clean and hygenic to avoid infections. 

How to Shine Nose Ring Diamond to Get That Sparkle Back

So, now we can discuss how to clean the diamond in my nose ring. After all, the diamond is what’s really front and center with a nose ring, so you want to make sure it maintains its sparkle and shine at all times.

The last thing anyone wants is a dull diamond, so this is a very important step. While cleaning the nose ring pin is crucial for hygiene, cleaning the diamond makes you look your best and feel confident in your nose ring.

As we’ve mentioned, there are a number of solutions you can use to clean diamonds with, including dish soap and warm water, or a hydrogen peroxide solution. So using your preferred products, you can wet a soft dishcloth in the solution and wipe the diamond clean.

This helps cut through the grease and grime buildup that may be clouding the appearance of the diamond. So, you don’t want to skip this step. And with a sparkly diamond and a fresh pin, you have a perfectly-cleaned nose ring that will dazzle and impress. 

How to Keep Your Diamond Nose Ring or Stud Clean: Tips & Tricks

So now that you’ve learned the steps on how to clean nose jewelry, we have some additional tips and suggestions that you’ll want to try out for even better results. 

Clean Frequently

For the best results, you’ll want to clean your nose ring often. Of course, it’s probably not necessary to do it every day, though once a week is generally recommended. This helps to make sure the post remains shiny and clean, and the diamond continues to sparkle. 

Buy Quality Jewelry

At the end of the day, the best way to keep your nose ring looking its best is to buy quality nose jewelry. Even with the best cleaning routine, low-quality nose rings will tarnish and rust, which won’t give you the dazzling, sparkly look you’re after when wearing a diamond nose ring. 

Did Nose Ring Cleaning Fail to Return That Shine Your Jewelry Once Had?

If after learning how to clean a nose ring you’re still noticing a dingy look to your nose jewelry, don’t get discouraged by your cleaning efforts–you may just need a better nose ring!

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Final Thoughts on How to Clean Nose Ring Jewelry

Learning how to clean nose ring jewelry and how to shine nose ring diamonds doesn’t have to be complicated, though they are important steps to take so you can look and feel your best. So if you’ve ever wondered how to clean the diamond in my nose ring–you can now understand the importance of doing so and how to achieve the perfect sparkle from this guide. 

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