How to Put in Nose Rings with Diamonds: Hoops, Studs, & More

Nose rings are a great piece of jewelry that can complement anyone’s style. But diamond nose rings, in particular, are even more stylish and can elevate the look of any typical piercing. Among the many questions that someone with a fresh diamond nose piercing may have, like can a nose ring close up or are nose rings safe, they may wonder how to properly insert a diamond nose ring. 

So, continue reading as we discuss how to put a nose ring in the right way, including how to put in hoop nose rings. You’ll find that there is in fact a right way to do it, all of which we’ll cover below. 

Why Learning How to Put a Nose Ring in the Right Way Matters

No matter if you have a new nose piercing or you’ve had one for years, you may be surprised to learn that there is a right way to put in a nose ring. Just like some nose ring wearers may not be aware that nose rings are supposed to be loose, they also need to learn the right way to put in their nose ring. 

Especially for those with a new piercing, learning how to correctly put on a nose ring from the beginning is important, otherwise, it could be painful or do damage to your piercing area!


Later we’ll take a look at how to put in a hoop nose ring with diamond. But first, let’s start with the basis - discussing how to put in a stud. In general, remember that you should be gentle with the piercing area, and don’t force any nose ring in if you feel a lot of pressure. 

How to Put in Nose Ring With Diamond (Stud)

First, let’s take a look at how to put in nose ring with diamond that’s a stud. One of the common types of stud nose rings is the L-shaped ring, which is quite simple to put in. Often utilized by beginners, you can simply insert the end of the nose ring into the piercing, then tilt it so the other side of the post can be inserted, with the diamond sitting flush atop the nose skin.

Other types of diamond stud nose rings may come with just a post and a small ball at the end, often referred to as a nose bone. Again, these are quite simple to insert, and you can just gently press the ball and post in to the piercing until the nose ring is in place. 

How to Put in a Hoop Nose Ring With Diamond

Now, we can discuss how to put in hoop nose rings–because it is different than putting in a stud. For a seamless nose ring that doesn’t have any hinge or beads, you’ll begin by slightly twisting the ends away from each other so it can be inserted in your nose. Don’t apply too much pressure, as you don’t want to damage the ring, though open it enough to slide into the piercing hole.

Once inserted, you will rotate the ring so the opening is hidden, then press the two ends closed into the original position. There are other types of hoop nose rings that you may recognize, including clicker nose rings, segment nose rings, and captive nose rings, all of which are a little more difficult to insert, and less common than the standard hoop we’ve discussed here. 

So, you can see how learning how to put in a hoop nose ring with diamonds differs from learning how to put a nose ring in that’s a stud. 

How to Put in a Fishtail Nose Ring With Diamond

Another type of stud, the fishtail nose ring is quite a bit different from the other types of studs we’ve discussed so far. You’ll recognize a fishtail nose ring by its curve-shaped screw at the end of the pin.

To insert into the piercing, you’ll place the end of the screw shape into the hole, then push in a twisting motion along with the curve of the screw until the nose ring is in place. You’ll want to make sure the screw end is twisted up into the nose and hidden, otherwise it will be recognizable by others. 

Other Tips for Safely & Easily Putting in a Diamond Nose Ring

Now that you understand how to put a nose ring in the right way, let’s take a look at some additional steps so you can safely know how to put in nose ring with diamond. 

Don’t Force The Nose Ring

Regardless of the type of diamond nose ring you want to wear, be sure to not force the ring into the piercing hole. We’re all unique, so the size of each person’s piercing may be different, and you’ll remember that nose rings should fit somewhat loose.

Therefore, you don’t want to put too much pressure on the pierced area, as you could cause unwanted damage and pain. Instead, choose the right size nose ring that will fit the size of your piercing for the best results. 

Buy The Right Nose Jewelry

At the end of the day, you can follow the correct guidelines for how to insert a nose ring properly, but you still may notice it’s difficult to wear or doesn’t give you the look you’re after. Because of this, you need to find the right nose ring that’s easy to insert, but still just as beautiful and dazzling. 

Not all nose rings are built alike, so go for the highest-quality nose rings that are safe and easy to insert. 

Final Thoughts on How to Put in Nose Rings With Diamonds

With a better idea of how to put in hoop nose rings or studs, you can rock your glamorous diamond nose ring with confidence–no matter what style it is. 

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