Which Side of My Nose Should I Pierce?

Want to transform your look effortlessly? Are you looking to add a bit of flair to your face and show off your personality? A nose piercing will do the trick - but you might be wondering which side of my nose should I pierce? This is a question everyone struggles with prior to getting their nose pierced. 

The last thing you want to do is pierce the wrong nostril and end up regretting this decision. But the reality is, you may be overthinking this decision. While there is some cultural significance behind this decision, choosing your nose ring placement will mainly come down to personal preference and your unique features.

We have the answers to all your questions and can help you decide what side should you get your nose pierced. Let’s start by addressing whether it even matters or not.

Does It Matter Which Side Nose Rings Go On?

People have been wearing nose piercings for years. Nose piercings are an important part of many cultures. And as you may already know, people from certain cultures have worn them on different sides according to their cultural norms. The cultural element of piercings is what leads many people confused as to which nostril they should get pierced.

However, in present day, the ideal nose ring placement typically depends on the wearer. You get to make the decision and decide on the side that fits your look the best. If you are curious about the history and cultural significance of nose ring placement, then let's dive into it. Then we’ll walk you through choosing which nostril you should pierce.

The History & Cultural Significance Of Nose Ring Placement

Nose piercings originated in the Middle East and can be dated back to 4000 years. From there, the Mughals brought the concept of nose piercings to India. Piercings in the nostrils and the septum have been the most common places to get piercings, according to tradition. But, which side of the nose was pierced historically?

In Indian culture, most women wear nose rings on their left nostrils. The placement of the nose ring is very culturally significant and is said to help with labor and menstrual pains that most women face. This is because that placement is an acupuncture point and leads directly to the reproductive organs of the female body.

However, today if you want to go for a nose piercing, you don't have to let cultural and historical significance influence your decisions. Instead, you can choose where your nose ring or stud should go depending on your personal preferences. No need to consider which side nose rings go on, and just do what you think looks best.

So, Which Side Of My Nose Should I Pierce?

Even though it depends on your personal preference, you still want some guidance to help you decide which side of your nose you should pierce, and for that, you can consider the following factors before you make your decision.

Consider Your Face Shape & Characteristics

The shape of your face is very important to consider when you are going for a nose piercing. Humans have different shaped faces, and you might already know the different face shapes there are.

Other than your face's shape, you must also factor in the fact of whether your face is symmetrical or asymmetrical. If you have a symmetrical face, then the choice can be super easy for you. You can get a nose piercing on either side of your nose. However, if you have an asymmetrical face, then you will need to be extra careful when deciding the placement of the nose piercing. The smallest piercings can change the contours of your face.

A good idea to see whether the nose piercing works for you is to first get an artificial clip-on nose ring and wear it on both the nostrils to see if it looks good. This is our #1 recommendation along your journey to choosing your nose ring placement.

Factor In Hairstyle

You may not give must importance to your hairstyle, but it does an important job of framing your face. Before you pierce your nose, you must consider what your hairstyle is and, judging on that, decide what would be the best place for your nose piercing.

If you part your hair more on one side, then it will be best to pierce your nose on the other side, as that will help balance your look.

Get A Clip On Piercing First As A “Test Drive”

You really don’t need to play the guessing game in choosing your nose piercing placement. You can buy a clip on nose ring or stud and try it out in the mirror first. Once you’ve seen how a stud or ring will look on each nostril, chances are, you’ll have a preference on one nostril over the other. At that point, making your decision is easy.

Can't Decide? Pierce Both Sides Of Your Nose!

If you are too indecisive and can't decide which nostril to pierce, then it is a good idea to pierce both of them. This will help you wear a nose ring in both the nostrils and change as per your hairstyle and preference. When in doubt, choose both.

Consider Going Right Down The Middle With A Septum Piercing

If you are not afraid of standing out from the crowd, then you can take a leap of faith and pierce your septum. A septum piercing can be a great option as it gives you an edgy look, and you won't have to deal with the confusion of which nostril I should pierce.

Other Tips For Getting A Nose Piercing You Love

Once you decide that you want to get a nose piercing and where you want it, then you must make sure that you follow the right tips so that you don't face any problems with your nose piercing. Here are some tips you can use:

Get It Professionally Pierced

When you are getting a nose piercing, you need to make sure that you do not let an amateur pierce your nose. There is a lot that can go wrong, and you might even end up in pain. A professional will have the license they need to pierce your nose properly and with the right protocol. They will use sterile equipment that will prevent infections.

Follow Proper Aftercare to Prevent Infection/Closing

Once you get your nose pierced, that's not the end of it. You need to take proper care of the piercing, which includes washing your hands and only touching your piercings with clean hands. Other than that, you must also avoid swimming in water that can be contaminated and cause infections. Keep cleaning your piercing, and make sure you avoid moisture as that can cause problems.

Being careful will prevent your nose ring from closing up, and you won't have to go through the hassle of getting a nose piercing.

Choose The Right Nose Ring Size

If you are getting a nose ring, you might want to consider getting one that has the perfect size. Your nose ring should not be too loose or too tight. When you choose a nose ring, you should get one that is a bit loose as they are more comfortable that way and look better. The standard size for a nose ring is 6-7mm. This site makes sure that your nose ring does not stick too far out and fits the size of your nose perfectly.

Which Side Do Nose Rings Go On? Wrapping Things Up

Now that you know, it doesn't matter what side your nose ring goes on. You can make a choice on your own and decide which nostril gives you the best overall look. All you need to do is make sure that you get the highest quality of nose rings so that they look beautiful on you.

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