Love Is Rare

As it should be.

Roy Jewels Special Order Proposal Ring. A 1 of 1 engagement ring made specifically for you, designed with us.

The Birth Of A Ring

It Starts With The Stone
Picking a diamond isn't just about the 4 C’s. It’s infinitely more. It’s about having the eye and having the access to the most majestic stones in the world. We are your eyes and access.

Customize Your Story

It’s your proposal. It’s your story. We help you tell it. Forever. We work with you to personalize every aspect, every angle, every curve of your proposal ring. We make it yours. Truly yours.

Expertise + Perfection

A snowflake. A diamond. Your proposal. Perfection is never off-the-shelf. Your ring shouldn’t be either. We spend time. We obsess. We design for you. Our jewelers spend over 100 hours designing and handcrafting your 1 of ring.