About our Diamonds

We certify that all Roy diamonds are pure, natural diamonds from the Earth’s mantle. Our diamonds were birthed by Nature, not a lab. The best diamonds come from the Earth. Period.

All Roy diamonds are sourced from a deep network of handpicked suppliers from around the world. Our diamonds are chosen for their natural beauty, brilliant radiance, superior quality, and are completely conflict-free. Every diamond, on every one of our pieces, is either a VS or VVS grade diamond. Nothing lower. Ever.

We grade our diamonds on a scale exponentially more stringent than any diamond certificate process in the market. Most diamonds do not make the cut. To be considered a Roy diamond, it must be in the top 0.05% of diamonds we source. Over 99.5% of the diamonds are turned away.

Roy Diamond Guarantees:

- Ethically sourced
- Conflict Free
- VS or VVS diamonds only
- Never, ever lab grown
- Always from the Earth