Nargis | Nose Post

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There do exist those that can pull off the blood red nose ruby.

This is a large ruby nose post.
Yellow gold L-post holds a .16 carat ruby.
Ruby is untreated and completely natural.
Wearer must show courage.

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About Our Rubies

We use only precious gemstones for all of our pieces. This includes our natural red rubies, sourced from all over the world. Our ruby’s are the pinnacle of the color red in nature.

Roy rubies are either treated or untreated, depending on the creative needs of the individual piece. Industry standard is to heat treat large rubies to heal internal fractures.

We often use untreated rubies for our pieces, especially our nose pieces. The way the ruby looks on your nose is the way it looked when it was mined.

Treated or untreated. It’s a Roy. And it’s 100% natural. 100% blood red.